Ziad Ismail (HBS '04)

Chief Product Officer, Convoy

Ziad Ismail is the Chief Product Officer of Convoy. Before Convoy, Ziad was the Chief Product Officer of Marchex, Chief Executive Officer of CitiKey, and served in other leadership roles at Microsoft. Ziad earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. The key takeaways from the podcast are: key insights into the logistics in the transportation industry, how work ethic and curiosity is underrated.

Latest Podcasts
Spencer Rascoff (HU '97)
Co-founder & Chair
Pacaso, Supernova SPAC, dot.LA

Spencer Rascoff is the CEO of Pacaso. He was previously the CEO of Zillow for over 13 years as well as co-founding and/or being board members of many other companies e.g. dot.LA, Palantir, 75 & Sunny, etc.

Aran Khanna (HU '16)
CEO and Co-founder

Aran Khanna is co-founder and CEO of Reserved.ai. He graduated from Harvard College in 2016. He has previously worked at several startups, one of which was acquired by Amazon Web Services (AWS). One of the principles he follows and explains in this episode is extreme ownership.

Laura Butler
CEO and Co-founder
UpLift Group Inc.

Laura Butler is Co-founder and CEO/CTO of UpLift Group. She is also an amateur angel and LP who takes a fairy godmother approach.

Bridget Frey (HU '99)
Chief Technology Officer

As Redfin's Chief Technology Officer, Bridget leads the software engineering team, which she has grow podcast-buttonsn to more than 150 engineers in Seattle and San Francisco.

My Le Goel (HU '04)
CEO and Founder
Flight Live Inc.

My Le is the CEO of FlightLive, a mobile wellness technology platform for live, interactive, virtual personal fitness training that matches clients with a curated list of certified personal trainers and yoga instructors.

Steven Maheshwary (HU '12)
Director of Economic Development - IT, Washington State

Steven Maheshwary is a tech industry veteran who is passionate about the nexus of the tech and positive social impact through fostering entrepreneurship, building partnerships and empowering communities.

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