Let’s hear from our Speakers, Participants and Volunteers, their amazing experience at Harvard in Tech Seattle.

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"Thank you everyone, I found it a great experience and exchange" - May 27, 2021

Holger Arians (HBS PLD ' 16), CEO, Banxa


"Excellent, thank you! You've been putting together some excellent events!" - Sep 20, 2020

Dr. Sarah Kreps (HU), Professor, Department of Government, Cornell University


"Thank you so much for having us! It was such a pleasure to participate with you all." - Aug 28, 2020

Dr. Dipayan Ghosh, Co-director, Digital Platforms & Democracy Project, Harvard Kennedy School


"Thank you again for inviting me to be part of today's discussion. It was a timely and relevant topic with a wide range of travel-related experts. I think you did a great job moderating and bringing out the different perspectives. I look forward to future events." - May 27, 2021

Jorge Roberts (HBS '07) CEO, Avports CEO, Banxa


"Thank you all for the fantastic discussion and the invite. It was fun!" - Aug 13, 2020

Dr. Christian Vogt, Chief Innovation Officer, Data & Analytics, Cisco


"Thanks very much great content" - June 20, 2021

- LTG. Russel L. Honore (Retired) US Army

"I really mean it! You guys have stepped up. I shared the info with my incoming classmates at Wharton too. We've been pooling interesting webinars from our networks, and HiT Seattle definitely qualifies" - May 21, 2020

- Yailett Fernandez (HU '15), MBA Candidate at the Wharton School

"Smart City topics really pique my interest. My company is a pioneer in smart city solutions and mobility. We transformed the city of Phoenix with our solutions." - June 17, 2020

- Kwarne van Leeuwen (HBS, HU)

"This was very interesting - thank you!" - Sep 24, 2020

- Andy Dale (HBS '93)



"Harvard in Tech Seattle allows for the opportunity to work with people who are genially working together to make a difference. Volunteer’s from all walks of life who come together from around the world, in order to tackle some complex technical and social issues. It’s through the engagements with the volunteers and the overall objectives of Harvard in Tech Seattle, that one can really strive to make broader impact and learn from others who are willing to assist where ever needed."

Charles Du Plessis, Strategist - HBS PLDA 2021


"What I enjoy the most from working with Harvard in Tech Seattle is the opportunity to collaborate with bright and passionate individuals. It has been a great learning experience and I look forward to growing with the program"

Larry Nguyen, Software Developer - Technology Solutions


"Harvard In Tech Seattle is a place where you can explore fresh tech topics, meet people from all around the world and stay connected to the Harvard University community at the same time. You really feel that you can make a positive impact on the world!"

Pawel Ulfik, Research Analyst - Call For Action - HBS Online 2018


"Volunteering with Harvard in Tech Seattle has been more fulfilling and rewarding than I could've imagined. While challenging, this volunteer opportunity has given me many opportunities to grow professionally, all while working alongside some of the most kind and talented individuals there are! I highly recommend volunteering.Whether you are looking to build your resume, meet people in the Tech Industry, want to be inspired by new ideas, and want to be a part of a stellar team. Volunteering with Harvard in Tech Seattle, is for you!"

Erin Liu, Digital Marketing Director - HBS Online - 2021


"1. Amazing learning opportunity - we are given the task and the time to get it done - and I believe hands-on learning is the best way to learn 2. Supportive and encouraging environment - There's always a helping hand or guidance available here 3. Stimulating projects - The work we are doing is invigorating and relevant to today's technological advancements 4. Strong team sentiment - I only joined one team call but I could see how fond the team was of each other which creates a very positive working environment I am excited to work more closely with the team and contribute more to this project going forward."

Yukti Sharma, Software Developer - Technology Solutions


"I love to be involved in Harvard in Tech because it allows me to validate my project and program management degree with hands-on work experience. I am excited to be on a team that will positively impact Harvard alumni's transition into meaningful tech careers. I look forward to helping forge the partnerships and programs that will enable young professionals of all walks of life."

Judith Berndt, Project Coordinator - Tech for Young Professionals


"Harvard in Tech Seattle is a bridge for connecting with professionals from diverse backgrounds. The people here are knowledgeable, supportive, and cohesive. As a volunteer, it's such an honor to be part of such an inspiring team!"

Amanda Zhou, Research Analyst - Webinar


"Harvard in Tech (Seattle) will help leverage my knowledge and experience on technology with Harvard—among the leading educational institutions in the world—in Seattle—one of the technological hubs in the US."

Allan Camba, Social Media Manager - Digital Marketing


"Volunteering at Harvard in Tech Seattle, gives me an opportunity to interact and work with talents coming from across the world with different backgrounds and experiences. This place gives me the autonomy to design and work on strategies for the team along with guidance and support. It also provides me with new opportunities to stretch in the areas of competence and mastery."

Renuka Solanki, Volunteer Coordination Manager - HBS Online - 2021


"Working at Harvard in Tech Seattle allowed me to create meaningful connections with great people from all around the world with different skills and experiences! Harvard in Tech is the perfect place to learn new skills, advance your career and even feel happier!"

Coco Choo


"Through volunteering at Harvard in Tech, I gained experience in collaborating in a professional work environment and increased my network in the industry, all while growing my skills as a software engineer."

Aaditya Doiphode, Software Developer - Technology Solutions


"Harvard in Tech Seattle brings together amazing people, enthusiastic and passionate, which is why I am honored to be part of the team."

Marina Cigledy, Event Manager - HBS Online - 2018


"In the perspective of a high school student, Harvard in Tech Seattle's working environment provides both a knowledgeable and comfortable experience. Despite collaborating mainly with professional developers, you are never expected to be a professional yourself, instead encouraged to ask for help if needed. And even as I learned a lot through this cooperative community, I still felt as though I was treated as a proper developer rather than a student or trainee."

Benjamin Yeom, Software Developer - Technology Solutions